Domain Experts

Our team of PhD experts and experienced domain specialist associates will assist you with your business needs. You can benefit from the decades of veteran industry experience we bring. You will be able to speak to someone who understands your needs, the challenges you are confronted with and work with you to achieve your long term strategic objectives.


Dr. Nina Tan

L&D SEA Leader and Business Innovation Specialist

Nina is the Managing Director of Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte Ltd, a business advisory and corporate training organization that focuses on helping businesses expand regionally. She teaches on the topic of “Leading Entrepreneurial New Ventures to Growth” in SMU.
She is currently appointed by Enterprise Singapore as a business advisor and a skills future mentor to SMEs in Singapore. Her areas of expertise encompass business analytics, finance, human resource and productivity capabilities.

Nina is a serial entrepreneur who had successfully groomed start-ups, which included her own stint in construction chemicals business that spans US and Asia Pacific, which she subsequently sold off to formidable Global industry player Sika. She shares her experience regularly at business training workshops with Business Chambers such as ASME, SCCCI and SMF.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Nina held CFO positions for 12 years cumulatively in Maritime Jurong Port, Asia Renal Healthcare and ICS Inc, helping the respective entities in expanding their footprint in Asia. Nina was awarded the best Art of War CFO by Sun Tzu Art of War Institute in Y2016. She was also the Regional Finance Director for 6 years in Multi-National Corporations BASF Degussa Asia Pacific with an additional 7 years in Singapore Technology Telecommunications. She championed the successful merger of trunk radio businesses between Singtel and Singapore Telecommunication.

Nina is a Chartered Accountant holding dual fellow membership in both Chartered Association of Certified Accountants in London and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. She holds an MBA from University of Leicester and holds a PhD in General Management, at the Lee Kong Chin School of Business in Singapore Management University. Her empirical field research focused on measuring the increase in senior executives’ productivity pre and post mindfulness training and coaching in dynamic business conditions


Dr. Lim Chon Phung

(Innovation, Research and Teaching Specialist)

Chon-Phung is an information technology industry veteran with more than three decades of experience in Hewlett-Packard and Oracle Corporation. He retired from the corporate world to spend time on areas that are more engaging and consequential. He is currently a Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship at the Singapore Management University to pursue his dual passions in research and teaching. In parallel, he is working with a network of NGOs in Northern Samar, the Philippines to develop local entrepreneurship as a possible pathway out of extreme poverty in rural communities. He is also a partner in a private angel investment group, and an adviser and board member to several startups in the region.

Chon-Phung graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Art in Computer Science and a Bachelor in Business Administration. He holds an MBA from The Booth School of Business of the University of Chicago. He returned to pursue a PhD at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University after his retirement from Oracle with a focus on innovation for inclusive growth. He was awarded a PhD in General Management in June 2018.


Mr. Gerald Chew

(Legal, Contract Law and Intellectual Property Specialist)

Gerald Chew obtained a law degree from the University of London and an MBA from the University of Adelaide. He was called to the English Bar, as a Barrister of the Middle Temple in 1988.

Gerald’s previous in-house legal positions includes roles with, MTV as Regional Counsel to MTV Asia (1995 to 1996); Corporate Counsel to Wuthelam Holdings Ltd (1997 to 2000), Vice President, FantasticOne Pte Ltd (2000 to 2001) and as a Director, Corporate Services in the public sector (2002 to 2004). Since January 2005, Gerald has been General Counsel of Delfi Limited (formerly known as Petra Foods), where he drives the Group’s Law & Corporate Affairs Department. In his current role, he oversees the Group’s trademarks and intellectual property rights portfolio; and the compliance and governance framework. He advises the Group on diverse corporate matters including joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and the setting up of financial facilities.