The course was excellent from the start to the end. It covered from the basic aspect of statistics to the intermediate way of processing data using Microsoft Excel. The group exercise was fun as it gets to gather and allow participants to interact in the virtual environment using game elements. The coverage of Tableau+ features was also a great exposure to the latest tools for data visualization. Support from the facilitators throughout the workshop was commendable! A big recommendation for data analysts out there.


Senior Manager


Dr. Nina Tan adopts a hands on practical approach whilst applying her business acumen and accounting skills that enabled business insights on our operational performance.

Looi Qin En

Chief Operating Officer


Her experience as a HR practitioner and her passion for teaching enabled us to deepen the development of our teaching syllabus and upskill our teaching approach with use of technology, training and development. As a result, we rejuvenated our teaching syllabus and teaching methods.

Linda Lim Huan



Nina’s relentless hands on effort and care for meticulous details facilitated the reconciliation of numerous differentiating modules and line items in the system to our audited financial statements.

Ang Geok Cheng



8nalytics led by Dr. Nina Tan has facilitated the development of our HR Performance Management capability by providing a useful toolkit consisting of performance management manual, performance appraisal templates and flowchart system and processes.

Khoh Wan Chin



Team at 8nalytics provided a toolkit consisting of user friendly financial budgeting templates, digitalized the KPIs tracking and fine-tuned our financial reporting processes. We now have a rigorous system to manage our finances.

Brenda Liao

General Manager


Overall it was a good course. Tableau is good software since it is rather friendly to users and produces pretty graphics. Dr Nina Tan is a rather patient instructor. I recommend that all software and files be given before the session. The analyses from software such as Tableau is well worth the time and effort to learn to produce. It is a real eye-opener.

Dr Yasmine Merican

Senior Manager


Dr Nina is fascinating. She managed to facilitate the workshop on virtual well. As an HR Professional, what I picked up is immediately applicable to my work. My Score for the program is 9.

Peter Anak Sylvester

Learning n Development AM


I attended 4 modules conducted by Dr Tan. Her classes were always well planned, informative and thought provoking. She is especially good at forming rapport with the audience and understands how to establish a connection. Thank you Dr Tan!

Belinda Boey

Ex co-head, JP Morgan Asset Management


Dr Tan is a very engaging instructor. She manages to tie the topic back to real-life examples.
Illustrations were also very clear, making it easier to understand.
One of the best classes I've attended so far.

MNC Manager

Attendee of Business Analytics training

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