Award Winning Competency AI Mapping

Human-Centric AI in Learning & Development

 Imagine a world where technology is capable of interpreting human behaviour- its nuances and emotions and complex cognitive states. 

Behavioural analytics leverages machine learning to analyze uniquely identifiable and measurable patterns in learning activities. Contextually, this would mean an effective and accurate evaluation of the individual’s behaviour and enhancing predictive analysis based on the data collected. Desirable communication behaviors can be worked upon, with consistent tracking of the progress between Time1 and Time2. And evaluation and intervention are customized, according to the individual’s gaps and the specific goals set for them.

8nalytics 360 Program Methodology

360 starts with 8nalytics experts working alongside the company to set business objectives, aligning with talent management. The platform we offer helps companies explore desirable traits based on the company’s goals and decide on the 360 variables that they want to monitor. What we aim to achieve is to optimize the employee’s potential over time through our systematic and curated intervention.

360 pre and post-intervention reviews and testing are continued over time to ensure that the program is optimized and the progress is tracked at regular intervals. This will ensure gaps in competencies are being bridged, in line with the business and personal objectives.


Our award-winning empirical field research evidenced that this 360 methodology had been implemented and proven to be effective in many companies.

Effective leadership starts with a change.

We believe people who focus on using their strengths maximize their potential. Studies had shown that people who learn to use their strengths every day have 7.8% greater productivity. Teams who receive strengths feedback have 8.9% greater profitability. There is always present an intricate relationship between human values and their financial values.

Companies stay competitive by achieving a high level of efficiency. When businesses discover an optimum matrix of how they can conduct business, they will become stronger competitors against other foreign market players, where costs are cheaper, and the market size is much bigger.

The 360 system facilitates both the entity and employee to achieve clarity on the skills and behaviours required to achieve a high level of efficiency, in addition to formalizing the format of performance tracking at the workplace. This would enable companies to build upon and export this format of competency tracking to other markets, thus enable companies to compete effectively regionally.