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Scope of Work

At Business Intelligence and 8nalytics, we endeavor to serve our clients in a personalized and professional manner; because we truly care about your business performance.

We provide professional assistance relating to Application for EDG/IDA/IE/BCA Incentives & Grants, Accounting, Business Analytics, Executive Education, Financial, Human Resource performance management, M&A, Investment structuring, Systems implementation and Taxation Planning services to Companies Internationally.

Work will involve in-depth evaluation of the Company’s strategic direction, work plans, business data analysis and conduct of professional work as requested in the following aspects:


Business Valuation Model based on Competitive strategic positioning

  • Define Value Propositioning
  • Competitive Advantage analysis
  • Identify Strategic Core Capabilities
  • Adopt a multi business diversification strategy

Execution of International Strategy

  • Strategic regional growth trajectory
  • Competitive Advantage analysis
  • Formulating Strategic Alliances
  • Conduct of M&A Due Diligence


Trained by 8nalytics, you will learn to be more effective at work, help others by transferring what you have learnt; and importantly allocate more time to the ones you love. Each training and speaking event is specifically tailored and personalized. Countries that Nina has trained and spoken at include Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, USA, Malaysia and Singapore.


Relating Strategy with HR Structure

  • Review current Organization Structure, System, Style, Staff, Skills set, Shared values and Strategy
  • Review alignment of Senior Management Job Description/ KPIs with Company Strategic goals
  • List Learning and Development needs for skill gaps
  • Performance Appraisal Management Process, Template and Manual

Measuring Strategic Performance

  • Financial Performance & Cash flow management Report
  • Finance Internal Process flowcharts
  • Finance and operations manual
  • Corporate Governance
  • Authorization approval policy and matrix

Employee share options structure

  • Valuation of share option
  • Draft share option policy
  • Draft Employee share option letter

IPO preparations

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Story Boarding and Formulating Strategic Growth Trajectory
  • Industry and Competitor analysis
  • Multi Period Performance Forecasting
  • Selection of Investment house and underwriters

Business Analytics and Visual Intelligence

  • Business Analytics
  • People Analytics
  • Human Resource Analytics
  • Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive Diagnostics
  • Analytics Trainings


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