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Scope of Work

At Business Intelligence and 8nalytics, our domain experts endeavor to serve our clients in a personalized and professional manner; because we truly care about your business and people performance.

We customize business advisory and curate training programs targeted to address your business performance needs. We assist in applications for your funding needs from financial institutions or EDG/PSG/BCA Incentives Grants. We specialize in Business Analytics, Financial  Modelling, Executive Education, Human Resource Performance Management, and Overseas Business Expansion Structuring for Companies Internationally.

Work will involve in-depth evaluation of the Company’s strategic direction, work plans, business data analysis and conduct of professional work as requested in the following aspects:


Business and People Analytics

Diagnostic & Predictive Analysis

We leverage advanced statistical techniques and machine learning intelligence to identify causal relationships within complex data sets to predict future trends and align organizational behaviors toward attaining strategic goals.


Curated Training Programs

We are DACE qualified to customize curriculum curated to your learning needs. We have conducted corporate trainings to corporate entities in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, USA, Malaysia and Singapore.


AI Diagnostic Performance Management

  • Competency Gap Analysis
  • Training and Coaching
  • People Analytics
  • Align Employee Efforts to Business Performance

International Market Business Expansion

  • Strategic regional growth trajectory
  • Competitive Advantage analysis
  • Formulating Strategic Alliances
  • Conduct of M&A Due Diligence

Build Your Business Value Proposition

  • Hone Business Value Proposition
  • Build a Value Chain Process with Core Capabilities
  • Competitive Advantage analysis
  • Adopt a multi-business diversification strategy
  • Business Valuation of value proposition using Financial Modelling 

Employee share options structure

  • Valuation of share option
  • Draft share option policy
  • Draft Employee share option letter
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