Maximise Profits and Sleep Well with Risk Management System

Due to the rise of unpredictable marketplaces and burgeoning competition, organisations are beginning to implement risk management systems to address potential losses in their operational decisions. Nina Tan, an entrepreneur and business advisor with decades of experience in the international marketplace, highlights fundamental procedures that will allow organisations to quantify potential losses. 

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Convert Ideas into a Business Plan: Effective 3-step System

Drawing from her experience as a certified business advisor, Nina breaks down the fundamental concepts between strategic creation and management. Through the use of mind-maps and business canvases, she explains how these processes will enable organisations to increase their profits.

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Smart Mergers and Acquisitions: Features of Successful M&A Transactions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) allow organisations to centralise their divisions through financial activities, and to expand their resources. Oftentimes, negotiating these transactions may be a lengthy and tiresome process. In order to address these concerns, entrepreneur and advisor Nina Tan simplifies basic concepts to ensure that these transactions are successful.

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Turn Ideas into Monetary Assets: Effective 3-step System

Businesses remain competitive in an evolving marketplace by transitioning from service provision to Intellectual Property (IP) creation. Nina Tan, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the international marketplace, elaborates on how organisations may transform abstract concepts into tangible products.

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Mind Awakening: Proven Neuroscience Technology

Recently, corporations are beginning to realise the importance of behavioural studies. Several notable organisations have adopted psychometric and aptitude assessments to understand and communicate with their staff, and to streamline their human resource processes.

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5 Simple Steps to Scale Up your Business

In this era of innovation, entrepreneurs must continually evolve their services and products to remain relevant in a competitive marketplace. Coupled with the rise of technological intelligence (TI), companies are racing to integrate digital interfaces within their existing systems.

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