5 Simple Steps to Scale Up your Business

In this era of innovation, entrepreneurs must continually evolve their services and products to remain relevant in a competitive marketplace. Coupled with the rise of technological intelligence (TI), companies are racing to integrate digital interfaces within their existing systems.

Nina Tan, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the international marketplace, shares about how businesses may improve their financial, algorithmic and human systems with five fundamental processes. She explains how corporations may manage their human resources, streamline their financial processes and implement strategic management principles to grow their businesses.


 Topics Covered

  • Strategic Planning and Implementation: Prescriptive and Emergent Strategies
  • Human Resource Management: Performance Evaluation and Employee Management
  • Risk and Environment Analysis: SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Assessments: Streamlining Accounting Processes with Digital Platforms
  • Digital Marketing: Competitive Analysis, SEO/SMM Processes
  • Digital Analytics: Using Digital Tools to Strengthen Existing Processes and Streamline Divisions


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