Convert Ideas into a Business Plan: Effective 3-step System

In order to compete in an unpredictable marketplace, corporations must define their current objectives and overall direction with their business plans. Nina Tan, who assists notable organisations with creating quality business plans, shares relevant tips on creating strategies that would safeguard an organisation’s competitive position.

Drawing from her experience as a certified business advisor, Nina breaks down the fundamental concepts between strategic creation and management. Through the use of mind-maps and business canvases, she explains how these processes will enable organisations to increase their profits.

Topics Covered :

  • Fundamental Components of a Business Plan
  • Formulating an Organisation’s Mission and Vision
  • Aligning an Organisation’s Mission and Vision with Divisional Objectives
  • Strategic Management: Strategy Creation, Implementation and Review
  • Clarifying Employees’ Tasks, Criteria and Outcomes
  • Effective Implementation and Review: Beta Testing, Objective Evaluation
  • Digital Analytics: Use of Digital Systems to enhance Business Capabilities



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