Maximise Profits and Sleep Well with Risk Management System

Due to the rise of unpredictable marketplaces and burgeoning competition, organisations are beginning to implement risk management systems to address potential losses in their operational decisions. Nina Tan, an entrepreneur and business advisor with decades of experience in the international marketplace, highlights fundamental procedures that will allow organisations to quantify potential losses. 

Nina explains how organisations may use Risk Management Systems to identify, analyse, and address potential losses in their investment decisions. She introduces fundamental concepts of digital analytics and statistics, how risk metrics may to gauge an organisation’s average returns, and how organisations may use their findings to maximise their profits.

Topics Covered :

  • Risk Management Procedure: Identify, Analyse, Rank/Prioritise, Address and Evaluate Risks
  • Types of Risk Management: Strategic, Compliance, Operational, Financial and Reputational Risk
  • Market Analysis with Risk Metrics: Interest Rate Risk, Equity Price Risk, Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Crisis Communication


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