Mind Awakening: Proven Neuroscience Technology

Recently, corporations are beginning to realise the importance of behavioural studies. Several notable organisations have adopted psychometric and aptitude assessments to understand and communicate with their staff, and to streamline their human resource processes.

Nina Tan, a certified advisor who has assisted several institutions with building Human Resource systems, elaborates on how psychometric technology may assist corporations with employee management. She elaborates on the basic components of a psychometric test, and how these assessments may be used to track employee performance and improve overall productivity.

Topics Covered :

  • Various forms of Psychometric Assessments: Personality tests, Strengthsfinder assessments, etc.
  • Relevance of Psychometric Assessments in Modern Industries
  • Components of Psychometric Assessments
  • Digital Analytics: Digitisation of Psychometric Assessments
  • Utilisation of Neuroscience Technology to conduct Psychometric Assessments
  • Impact of Psychometric Assessments on Organisational Growth


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