Turn Ideas into Monetary Assets: Effective 3-step System

Businesses remain competitive in an evolving marketplace by transitioning from service provision to Intellectual Property (IP) creation. Nina Tan, an entrepreneur with decades of experience in the international marketplace, elaborates on how organisations may transform abstract concepts into tangible products.

Nina explains how organisations may implement prescriptive and emergent strategies to organise their ideas, implement beta testing processes, and build a team of competent employees to develop their range of IP. She introduces basic concepts, such as a Business Planning Canvas, which would enable organisations to capitalise on their ideas.

Topics Covered :

  • Various forms of IP: Intangible products (digital software and systems), Tangible products (stationery and perishables)
  • Service provision vs. IP Creation
  • Forms of Protection: Copyright, trademark, IP
  • Drawing profits from IP: Creating relevant products and services
  • Building a database of clients and partners with IP: Content Marketing using IP as collateral
  • Developing IP: Innovative processes that enable organisations to remain competitive in the marketplace
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