Background :

Our client operates in the tuition services sector and owns two service outlets in Singapore. As a small tuition entity, it faces the challenge of strong competition from current education service providers who are able to flood the market with their long-established branding and position in Singapore.

Company's Main Objectives:

• Our client has been experiencing rapid growth in its time in the market, however it has been facing fierce competition in the market. Hence, it requires a road map to ensure it can maintain its current growth and survivability in Singapore


Challenges :

Under-utilization of available space within the tuition center.
Sub-optimal utilization of teaching staff with the company.
Service offerings are limited, with only one subject catered to 4 school levels.

Our Approach:


Our Recommendations:

In order to gain a greater competitive advantage in the market, we recommended a merger with another bigger company who has more experience in the industry
Expansion of curriculum to offer more products within the market in order to target a wider market segment for the newly merged companies
Streamline resources in order to improve cost efficiency 


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