Our client is an engineering design services provider that offers a range of integrated services that increase workflow efficiency for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industries. They have a strong potential to grow into the leading engineering design service provider in Singapore

Main Objective: To develop a performance management framework that supports growth trajectory, while enhancing employees’ skills to align with long term organizational goals


Challenges :

  • Lack of clearly defined job descriptions and performance indicators for key management roles. 
  • Performance management structure was not clearly defined and had to be improved on
  • Business goals were not well-aligned and communicated to entire company.
  • Difficulty in manpower planning and allocation due to seasonal changes in demand for services

Our Approach

Our Recommendations:

  • 8nalytics consultants conducted a business strategy workshop together with the client’s management to clarify their company mission, vision and values. 
  • Short and long-term business objectives were explicitly delineated, and a strategy was formulated for organizational expansion and growth, focusing on business expansion and development and expansion of talent capabilities, as well as possibility for overseas expansion in future.
  • Cascading down, key business objectives based on strategic goals were determined: Strategic plans were converted to comprehensive KPI tables for each of the key functional departments in Human resource, Finance and learning and development plans.



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