Background : 
Our client operates a budget 2-star hotel in Singapore and is looking to gain a competitive edge in the hospitality industry. With the tourism sector growing in Singapore our client was faced with a big opportunity to expand and grow its business. However, it had poor information and insights on the new customer trends. 

Company’s Main Objectives: 

  • To provide affordable and comfortable hotels for visitors in all the major tourist spots in Singapore.
  • To expand delivery of hospitality services into  adjacent customer segments in the areas of backpacker hostels, and similarly positioned three-star budget hotels . 


Our client had already identified their long-term strategy to acquire other budget hotels in order to expand its business. In order for a solid foundation for the business to be built upon to kickstart the expansion process, 8nalytics consultants had to tackle these key challenges:


Marketing efforts had to be improved and pushed at targeting specific market segments
Enhancement and upskilling of financial capability, and requiring data analysis to gain business insights
Optimize revenue and profits by enhancing the capabilities of the hotel in using technology and innovative processes 

Our Approach

Our Recommendations : 

  • Pricing and promotional recommendations were given to our client in order to target the problem of under utilized hotel rooms in order to facilitate a match in demand on less popular days of the week   
  • Expansion of operations through Mergers and Acquisitions as the market was forecasted to grow at 3.3%/yr
  •  Leveraging on Economies of Learning in order to drive down costs and boost efficiency
  • Improving Business Infrastructure, Introduction of the Blueprint Framework: People, Processes and Technology (Tools for Performance Mangement Metrics)




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