Masterclass Boardroom Presentation Skills

The timing and choice of content can convince audiences. Enunciation and intonation can leave a good impression and handling questions effectively can project credibility. This course is for experienced presenters who want to improve and perfect their presentation skills and take it to the next level. 

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Strategic Talent Management: Unique Innovative Executive Development and Coaching for the next Generation of Leaders

With the environment being dynamic, digital and virtual; it is essential for Management to select, develop, groom and retain talent to bring business impact, whilst promoting staff wellbeing. 

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Enhance Teaching Effectiveness with Learning Analytics and Data Visualization (II) - Hands-on Training for Educationists and Teachers

In recent years, educators and school leaders have caught on and realised the importance of personalised attention. Everyone’s brain processes information differently and with the help of learning analytics, the model of education is gradually moving away from the unrealistic institution and towards every individual student.

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Leadership Development Program for Managers: Lead With Impact By Enacting Transformational Behavioral Traits

Leaders are expected to navigate through uncertainty inherent in dynamic environment and lead employees to deliver expected results. It is insufficient to be highly skilled in your domain knowledge.

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Data Analytics and Data Visualization Business Masterclass

According to the latest Bloomberg survey, business analytics has been effective in decision making for 3 out of 4 enterprises. Some of the benefits of applying business analytics are increased profitability, reduced costs, quicker decision-making, and other critical performance improvements.

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