Art Of War Questionnaire

1. Strategic Planning with Art of War Thinking
This program applies the 36 Art of War stratagems and relates them to the modern business landscape. The course empowers participants with the practical knowledge and skills to apply strategic thinking to their work and personal lives. This program involves use of mobile learning for flexibility and learning effectiveness.
Change is the only constant in business. Technological innovation has brought about much change in numerous industries in recent years. In order for businesses to succeed, there is a need to harness change and use it to gain advantage. Undergoing this Art of War training program benefits organizations when their management and staff are equipped with the capability of strategic thinking, allowing for the organization to be more agile and adapt to change quickly.
In conclusion, when the people in an organization learn about strategy and how to apply strategic thinking, the organization benefits in various ways. These positive outcomes include: mitigation of risk and making use of opportunities, gaining in strength over competitors, and business growth. 

2.0 Background

The ancient military classic The Art of War has stood the test of time and is widely applied to business management and strategy in modern times. This academy seeks to educate students on the intricacies of the Art of War, aid students in harnessing these strategies, and help them apply this information in relevant ways to situations they face in their daily work and personal lives.

This program takes wisdom from the 36 stratagems, and adapts them to the modern business context, relating them to topics such as strategic leadership, business acumen, marketing strategies, collaboration, self-awareness, self-regulation, and teambuilding. Additionally, mindfulness, a foundational technique that grounds and guides the individual, will be applied throughout the course.

3.0 Training Program
 This program offers participants opportunities to augment their strategic thinking skills within the business context through the application of the principles in the Art of War. From this course, participants are better equipped to make strategic decisions when facing choices in their everyday activities. Through examples of the application of the Art of War in the business context, participants will be able to better relate to the situations faced.

Using actionable tools, 360 online leadership questionnaires, case studies, fun activities, role plays, videos, and optional personal coaching; this program provides an experiential learning process that will lead to enlightening insights and self-discovery.


Price : SGD 150.00

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