Coaching Questionnaire

With the environment being dynamic, digital and virtual; it is essential for Management to select, develop, groom and retain talent to bring business impact, whilst promoting staff wellbeing.

This course aims to impart Scientific Development skills, tools and techniques to:

  1. Groom managers’ talents into strengths.
  2. Mentor and guide using Tools such as:
    a.      Johari Window
    b.     Strengths wheel
    c.      “Name it, Claim it, Aim it process"
    d.     Individual Strengths Profiling
    e.     Strength Theme Report
    f.     Self-development action plans
  3. Understand each of the 34 Dynamic strengths profile inherent in us.Differentiate mentoring an individual from a team.
  4. Practice Mindfulness Techniques such as Body Scan, Breathing meditation and Stress Coping Mechanisms.
  5. Align team’s talent and effort with the Organization’s strategic direction.
  6. Coach managers to optimize their potential to lead the Organization into an escalated phase of growth.
  7. Competently use talent analytics to measure the impact resulting from talent management effort and to make objective human resource decisions.
  8. Identify, assess, develop team member’s individual unique competencies.
  9. Define, decode, design and develop Team Dynamics.
  10. Adopt coaching skills that engage auditory, kinaesthetic and visual techniques.
  11. Mapping Talent to Career pathing to retain capabilities, knowledge and skills.

Price : SGD 150.00

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