Financial Questionnaire

It is an aphorism that large firms have the financial capability to acquire necessary infrastructure, technical know-how, and human resources, whilst small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are confronted with resource constraints to adopt similar practices. We run a course that is specially structured to illustrate how SMEs can leverage on government assistance schemes to overcome the resource gap with larger organizations and enhance financial management capabilities in SMEs by:

  • Familiarizing you with the appropriate tax benefits and government financial assistance schemes available that could help build the necessary financial management and Human Resource capabilities via training, technology, productivity, and process improvements.
  • Walk through case studies to illustrate the application process for grants such as Enterprise Development Grant (CDG), Productivity Solutions, Market Readiness, and Global Company Partnership Grants.
  • Formulating and translating strategic plans for business growth into structured KPIs and work plans
  • Building a Financial model to validate the expansion plans via pricing strategies, revenue and cost drivers
  • Conducting financial health check on governance, systems, processes, and controls
  • Developing Transformational leadership traits that would inspire, intellectualize, innovate and incentivize your finance team to be future ready

This endeavor should be a priority, as this could accelerate SMEs’ competitive advantage and bridge the resource divide SMEs has with larger organizations.

Price : SGD 150.00

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