We run a highly impactful Leadership development Programme that imparts knowledge, skills, tools, and processes relating to mindfulness to enable effective Leaders to meet demanding organization’s leadership challenges.

Participants will learn and explore the use of Authentic, Transformational and Transactional leadership frameworks, art of influence, the importance of building cognitive capabilities and to establish informal relational networks to lead effectively.

Well researched case studies would be explored to facilitate deeper insights into the requirements of high-performance leaders.

During the course, you would undergo and derive a personalized leadership evaluation report on facets of your own leadership behavior.

Impartation of knowledge, frameworks and skills would help to build on your own strengths to influence, manage resistance to change, inspire, intellectually stimulate and effectively lead your team.

Facets covered include:

  • Discover the Full Range of Multi-Factorial leadership behavioral traits and identify which do you adopt
  • Interactivity between different types of leadership styles
  • Identify leadership blockages and learn behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, how to enact positive Leadership behavioral traits and techniques
  • Lead with impact in challenging dynamic situations
  • Understand and put in perspective the role and effectiveness of contingent rewards to negotiate and build influence in the workplace
  • Identify and leverage on your personal strengths to bring transformational change
  • Learn to coach, inspire and motivate others to achieve higher levels of performance and commitment to strategic goals
  • Understand the nature of human decision-making and what it takes to mindfully make effective team decisions

Price : SGD 150.00

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